Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Cream Teas and Quantum Theory

This lock, between the Oxford Canal and the River Thames, acts like a lift, 
helping narrowboats, and other small boats, to get up and down hill.
Mum and Dad lived very near here on a narrowboat named Ben. 
This lock side was their party place.

The Wednesday market in Gloucester Green has a wide array of fresh fruit and veg, meat, breads and pastries, cheeses, watches, clothing, and general brick-a-brack.

Cream tea at the Mitre is no ordinary cream tea; they use real clotted cream, as apposed to the whipped cream that most New Zealand cafes use. Delicious!

Christ Church College is part of Christ Church Cathedral, which is also Oxford's Cathedral.
This college is one of many that make up Oxford University. People come from all over the world to study and teach in Oxford. But you don't have to be a student to attend some lectures, like one on Quantum Theory that I when to with Mum.
These speakers:
Markus Aspelmeyer,
Vlatko Vadral,
Terry Rudolph,
presented us with an entertaining, interesting, and confusing lecture.
Light particles proved to be a little mischievous, and things started happening in two places at once. The biggest message that they put across at the end of the night was;
If you aren't completely confused by now, you don't understand Quantum Theory at all.

Most of us have read at least one book by C.S. Lewis, but not so many have seen his grave.  I felt very humbled, kneeling next to his tomb stone. One of the best known writers was once, and possibly still is, lying there, right in front of me in the cemetery of the
Holy Trinity Church, Headington Quarry.
We found it by accident, while looking for William Kimber's grave. 
William Kimber was the musician for the Headington Quarry Morris Men at the time
Cecil Sharp was collecting morris dances and tunes. Kimber played a big part in the recording of the music.

Speaking of Morris Dancing...
Icknield Way Morris Men dancing outside the Oxford Castle on Cry Havoc's Day of Dance
in celebration of '20 Years of Cry Havoc Morris'
There were many sides there that day, some of which Mum used to dance with herself, before she and Dad went back to New Zealand.


Anonymous said...

You're looking gorgeous in these photos Kitty (so does the weather), I really look forward to your blog posts.

Lots of love

Kit-E said...

Thank you,
That really inspires me to push through the mental brick wall I face when writing a post.

Englishkiwi said...

Hi Kitty missing you lots, it looks like fun and I bet it is.I'm sure Mums taking me to Oxford and I hope she will take me to the places you went to. And Im playing netball at school we go at 1:00 on Fridays, its really fun I have won all my games so far. love Alys

Kit-E said...

Hello lovely,
It's so wonderful to hear from you. I'll get Mum to send your mum my email address so we can talk properly.
Love Kit-E

Dyk Jewell said...

You are looking SO grown up Kitty. Love your reports from the other side and glad you appreciate real clotted cream.

Hope the weather stays fine for you all.


Kit-E said...

Can't wait to see you in July.

mel said...

This is a great way to share your photos Kitty - looking great! How awesome to visit where your Mum and Dad once lived - very cool. Your homebase misses you but are really glad you're having a great time. Mel

Kit-E said...

Thanks Mel,
Say hi to home base from me:)