Thursday, 6 June 2013

My Arabian Adventure

Quarter past four in the morning, sleeping soundly in our beautiful hotel room in Dubai
(Arabian Courtyard Hotel, shown in the photo below).
Then the Muezzin start singing, right across the city, calling people to prayer.
They do this every morning and at intervals during the day, so it becomes less novel after a couple of days.

On our last morning the Muezzin sang as usual, but this time I particularly enjoyed hearing our closest one sing. He was very melodious and holding notes for quiet a long time, then adding a bit more on the end, all on the same breath. It was all wonderful.

Our hotel was in the old quarter, Bur Dubai, which grew up around an old fort that now houses the Dubai Museum. It was one of the most unique museums I have seen. Like I said, it was in the old fort, but there were also underground chambers, full of artifacts and interesting information.

As well as wandering around the streets of Bur Dubai, we crossed the Dubai Creek on a little boat to visit the Gold and Spice souks. 

We ate lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, flat bread, dips like hummus and mutabele, olives and sweet pastries along with New Zealand butter, We came all this way, and we get butter from home!  


LittleLadyMondegreen said...

The photos look amazing! I'm enjoying feeding your little fish along the side of your blog too...

Much love

Kit-E said...

I'm so glad you like a the photos, and the fish too. I was just on the verge of deleting them, but I shan't now. The fish that is.