Monday, 20 May 2013

Something's Coming

It isn't easy to work in this noisy room with all these other students, but I will do my best to let the thoughts flow.

Eight days to go until I board a plane at Christchurch Airport and begin the journey that is the reason for this blog;
I am going, with my Mum (, to the U.K. for THREE WHOLE MONTHS!
I am getting very nervous about being away from home for so long, and for some reason I'm not really looking forward to it. I know I will get home-sick because I went over in 2011 for one month and got home-sick, so it will undoubtedly happen this time.
This trip seems to be bringing me more misery than joy; this year is my first senior year at my local drama school ( and I will be missing the senior show! And it's 'The Jungle Book', as well as many other things I was looking forward to this year.
Anyway! All misery aside! I am very exited about seeing my aunties, being in Oxford, seeing London in daylight (last time is was dark when we got off the bus, then we left in the dark the next morning), and just generally being in England.

Until I write again,


Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

Yep I'm a bit worried about the Homesickness too ...

Kit-E said...

At least we will have each other.

Megan Mcleod said...

Hi kitty it's Megan. Your trip sounds cool! Hopefully you don't get to homesick, I have been away for 7 weeks but 3 months is quite a bit longer! I will follow your blog! Have a good trip.

Kit-E said...

Thank you Megan,
Three months is indeed a very long time. I hope you had a good time in England, Paris, Scotland and Hong Kong. WOW! You've been busy!
Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's just home sickness my dear. It's alos people sickness. I'm at home but it doesn't feel like home with out you two. Hope you're having a wonderful time :)

Kit-E said...

Oh Bryony!
We are having a wonderful time, but being sick is slightly annoying...