Wednesday, 29 May 2013

No Going Back

It's happening.
This afternoon I left Christchurch Air Port and began a wonderful journey, and now I stand at the free internet thingy in Sydney Air Port writing this blog post. I have to limit my time using the computer so I shall not write much more, except that soon we shall transfer onto of next flight bound for Bangkok where we will spend the night in a transit hotel, then fly to Dubai. We have three days there after which we depart for London.
I must go now, Au Revoir.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Something's Coming

It isn't easy to work in this noisy room with all these other students, but I will do my best to let the thoughts flow.

Eight days to go until I board a plane at Christchurch Airport and begin the journey that is the reason for this blog;
I am going, with my Mum (, to the U.K. for THREE WHOLE MONTHS!
I am getting very nervous about being away from home for so long, and for some reason I'm not really looking forward to it. I know I will get home-sick because I went over in 2011 for one month and got home-sick, so it will undoubtedly happen this time.
This trip seems to be bringing me more misery than joy; this year is my first senior year at my local drama school ( and I will be missing the senior show! And it's 'The Jungle Book', as well as many other things I was looking forward to this year.
Anyway! All misery aside! I am very exited about seeing my aunties, being in Oxford, seeing London in daylight (last time is was dark when we got off the bus, then we left in the dark the next morning), and just generally being in England.

Until I write again,

Saturday, 18 May 2013

With Help From The Birds...

I look out the window through the rain, and see a beautiful Kingfisher perched in the willow tree above our creek, like him I am looking for opportunities; he for food, I for experiences that will help me journey though this wonderful interlude that is my Life.